These terms and conditions governing all leases  through tourist agency "Isola dei Fenici - Real Estate and Holidays s.a.s" located in Sant'Antioco (CI) through the Web site

  1. COMMISSION Commissions of the Agency are included in the lease.
  2. PAYMENT: Deposit can be paid through Paypal or credit card - The balance can be paid in cash or credit card, upon arrival at the Agency, or by bank transfer 5 days before arrival : IBAN IT29Q0101543981000070484919 – to Isola dei Fenici s.a.s.
  3. NUMBER OF PEOPLE AND ANIMALS: if on arrival there will be a number of people than those reported at the time of booking, the contract will be annulled , pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code, so the tenant with the signing of this agreement, shall transmit the names of all persons staying in the house. It will be required proof of identification upon arrival and before delivery of the property. In the same way the presence of animals, unless expressly agreed , the contract will be canceled.
  4. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE : The Tenant must go, on his arrival, directly to the house booked, the agency will send address or gps coordinates, after booking. Isola dei Fenici Staff will be there to give the house keys. Deliveries of homes are made from h 16.00 to h 23.30 on day of arrival. It will be possible deliver the house earlier than h 16.00 if it is ready and available before the time indicated, but always on a previous approval of the Agency. The release of the property is set to be possible until h 10.00 on the day of departure. If departure time is provided before h 10.00 , the Conductor must promptly notify the Agency, in order to arrange key collection and return of deposit ,if provided. The possible arrival on date postponed and/or depart earlier than the dates set out in this agreement , if that occur for reasons not attributable to the Landlord or the Agency , it don’t give any rights for any refund or reduction in the price of rent. If the house booked will be not more available for causes not attributable to the Agency, The Agency is obligated to make available a property of equal level.
  5. CLEANING : The apartments are delivered clean and tidy. The Tenant shall pay to the Agency, together with the balance of the lease, the amount specified in this contract for the final cleaning. This amount does not include the cleaning of cooking and dishes as well as the removal of waste which remain responsibility of the tenant . In default there will be a penalty of € 50.00 (fifty/00) that the Tenant agrees to pay before the release of the property.
  6. SECURITY DEPOSIT : In the event that a deposit is required, it will be returned by Landlord to Tenant or by a representative of the Agency on the day of departure, after checking the conditions of the house. Where damage occurs due to tenant or its assignees, which is on the property ,on the accessories and furnishings, the deposit will be withheld or deducted from the amount corresponding to the value of the damage caused.
  7. RESPONSABILITY : The Tenant agrees to return the property in the same state in which it was received, prohibiting execution of any construction work or installations. In the event of failure and or interruption of utilities for accidental causes beyond the control of the Lessor , the Tenant waiving right to get compensation from the Lessor or a discount on the price of the lease. The service provided by the Agency is only in intermediation between the Lessor and the Lessee, so the Agency responds only to the veracity and authenticity of the photos and information on services in each home, as presented in its websites. In the event of a dispute of any other nature, it is agreed from the outset that the Landlord and Tenant raise Agency from any liability and that even in case of theft or damage to objects and values contained in the property leased .
  8. TYPE OF LEASE : The property will be leased exclusively for tourist purposes in accordance with art. 1, paragraph 2, letter c) of Act N°. 431/98 and art. 57 of L.R.T. 23/03/2000 N°. 42 "Consolidation of regional laws on tourism", as amended LRT 17/01/2005 N ° 14. Therefore, the conductor said for himself, family members or successors that he will never transfer for any reason, the residence in the property and that he will not carry out professional activity, on pain of termination of contract and damages. The landlord or agent of the Agency after notice and appointment, retain the right to view the property during the lease contract for inspection purposes and for subsequent locations.
  9. LAW AND JURISDICTION : Any dispute concerning the execution of this contract is agreed between the parties to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Forum of Cagliari. For the purposes of this Art 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the Tenant hereby specifically approve the Art. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 of this contract.
  10. CONSENT TO THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA. In accordance with art. 13 D. Legislative Decree 196/03, the driver authorizes the Agency to the processing of personal data. The Agency states that the data will be processed exclusively for the purposes described in this agreement.