To introduce to get the best out of a building/appartment you want to sell or to rent you have to consider the relationship between supply and demand. over recent years the property market has changed, demand now outstrips supply and that has created more competion between agents and, as a result, prices have fallen.

Increased competition has change the market and it is not only the price this is important but the quality of the property as well.


The above-mentioned activities obviously require a preliminary assessment. In the final goal at Home Staging it is not only able to sell or lease the property but it is also in many cases able to do better. 

This is therefore a kind of "investment" which, if carried out, will allow the owner to enjoy a higher profit from the sale or lease of their property.

Provision of the Home Staging service, which requires authorisation  for the award of a contract for mediation for the sale or lease exclusively to our agency, includes various steps:

  • Preliminary assessment of opportunities and estimate (included in the mediation services)
  • Design and quote for the cost of intervention
  • Three-dimensional rendering (virtual service)
  • Execution of works and purchase of materials

The service of Home Staging could help the sellers  to decide the best solutions for their needs, in two ways, virtual (presenting a real and finished project), therefore already enhanced to better tridimensional images of rendering) and real, where the property is already presented reconditioned.

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